We are proud and happy to announce support of the EIT RawMaterials (together with the other members of the Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT RawMaterials).

During this project we will develop and deploy the MAGDOCK – wireless charging and docking station for electric scooters based on magnetizable concrete (MC40).



EIT RawMaterials, initiated and funded by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), a body of the European Union, is the largest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide. Its vision is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe. Its mission is to enable sustainable competitiveness of the European minerals, metals and materials sector along the value chain by driving innovation, education and entrepreneurship.

EIT RawMaterials unites more than 120 core and associate partners and 180+ project partners from leading industry, universities and research institutions from more than 20 EU countries. Partners of EIT RawMaterials are active across the entire raw materials value chain; from exploration, mining and mineral processing to substitution, recycling and circular economy. They collaborate on finding new, innovative solutions to secure the supplies and improve the raw materials sector in Europe.

EIT RawMaterials aims to significantly enhance innovation in the raw materials sector by sharing knowledge, facilitating matchmaking activities, developing innovative technologies and supporting business creation.

Magment, combines magnetic material development (patented magnetizable concrete MC40) with electronic devices, making power conversion and wireless charging more efficient, reliable and economical. Magment provides low cost modules for renewable energy, battery storage and backup inverters, induction cooking appliances and wireless charging applications for Electric Vehicles (Evs). Our main products currently are robust on-ground and in-ground EV stationary and dynamic charging pads; inductive charging easy-to install-retrofit kits for existing EV charging stations; and inductive/conductive charging systems. The modules are based on conventional casting of patented magnetizable concrete. The wireless charging products have already generated huge interest from strategic customers and international standardization bodies. Besides our running projects with electric cars, forklifts, e-taxis, e-buses and trams we work on solutions for upcoming transport systems like, hyperloops, flying cars, autonomous pods, delivery drones, e-boats, water taxis and electric planes.

August 19, 2019



We are proud to announce that we have been selected by investors and expert to pitch at HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS.

Our team will present game-changing products and business concepts for the future of electro/micro mobility and autonomous driving.

HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS is Europe’s leading match making and funding program for high-tech companies & international investors that attends only investors and the 40 selected companies.



Where: Dresden, Germany

When: 15th -16th October 2109

2019-07-17 15_17_09-For Investors _ Hightech Venture Days 1.png

About: HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS – October, 15th & 16th, 2019: The HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS are the leading program in Europe in terms of funding high-tech startups.  For the seventh time, the HighTech Startbahn brings selected European high-tech companies and international investors together in Dresden in form of this investors’ congress specialized in high-tech. This year, 40 selected capital seeking high-tech startups and growth companies from the six key technology fields (Machinery- & Plant Engineering, Micro- & Nanoelectronics, ICT, Environment-/Energy Technologies, Materials, Life Sciences, and Transport & Logistics) will present their companies to national and international investors like Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, Corporate VCs and the „investing Mittelstand“  in a curated exhibition and high qualitative  pitches with subsequent Q/A in a private and exclusive atmosphere.

August 2, 2019



Early this month we announced MAGMENT MIAWCS technology concept that will be part of intelligent and autonomous charging public infrastructure. MIAWCS (MAGNOMOUS®) enables independent usage of the parking and charging infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and normal cars for very small investment per parking lot. Mobility is heading to autonomous driving and MAGMENT helps to ease the way.

2019_07_10_Autonomus Charging- Park & Charge - BP.png

Today, we are proud to announce the MIAWCS concept upgrade for private users in combination with our V2sH technology concept. MAGMENT innovative bi-directional, Vehicle to smart Home Energy Storage (V2sH) technology enables that electricity generated by solar panels can be stored inside the electric car batteries (storage on wheels) and could be used in peak periods of energy demand and home grid stabilization.

201_07_28_V2SH - Extended.png

MAGMENT is offering clear, affordable and reliable wireless charging infrastructure ready to support upcoming autonomous driving and electric vehicles with intelligent autonomous charging system (MIAWCS) called MAGNOMOUS® for public as well as private owners. For private home owners we combine MIAWCS and V2sH (MAGHOME®) technologies to provide elegant, sustainable and intelligent charging solutions.  

July 28, 2019



Together with Martin Roemheld Head of e-Mobility Services at Volkswagen AG who will speak about  "The path to mass market eMobility" and other great CEOs, founders and managers at the be.connected conference 2019, our CEO Mr. Mauricio Esguerra will speak about “„Magment - Innovative materials  and solutions for competitive dynamic charging“.

Our partners and interested parties can get 150 EUR discount buying tickets by the end of July simply by clicking on the link: and entering the discount code.

Discount code valid up to (31.07.2019): BECON19


be·connected conference

Where: Ismaning, Munich, Germany

When: 12-13 September 2109


What is the be·connected conference?
On two exciting days of the conference, the eMobility · Innovation · Days program will provide valuable insights and expertise from successfully implemented e-mobility projects, breakthrough success stories and disruptive business models.

The presentations by leading experts offer everything on the subject of electro mobility: Exclusive expertise, successfully implemented projects, current challenges and information on future trends. The focus is on practical relevance in order to be able to provide decision makers and strategists from the industry with equally applicable solutions.

The be·connected conference also offers space for networking and exchange and brings together representatives of various e-mobility companies and innovators from the industry. Stimulating discussions liven up the day and give new impulses for successful projects.



July 19, 2019



We are proud to announce MAGMENT MIAWCS technology concept. MAGMENT MIAWCS technology will be part of intelligent and autonomous charging public infrastructure.  

MAGMENT intelligent autonomous wireless charging system enables independent usage of the parking and charging infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and normal cars for very small investment per parking lot. We are certain that autonomous vehicles are part of our future.

On the one hand, amount of investment in autonomous driving by the largest companies significantly growing, and on the other hand, MAGMENT is the first company that offers autonomous charging infrastructure solutions.

2019_07_07_Autonomus Charging- Park & Charge.png

MAGMENT is offering clear, affordable and reliable wireless charging infrastructure ready to support upcoming autonomous driving vehicle with intelligent autonomous charging system (MIAWCS). 

July 12, 2019



We are proud to announce MAGMENT V2sH technology concept. MAGMENT V2sH technology will be part of smart charging infrastructure in the house of tomorrow.  

MAGMENT innovative bi-directional, Vehicle to smart Home Energy Storage (V2sH) technology enables that electricity generated by solar panels can be stored inside the electric car batteries (storage on wheels) and could be used in peak periods of energy demand and home grid stabilization.

MAGMENT V2sH Technology.jpeg

MAGMENT is already part of the future. How about you?

You will just need to park and all goes automatic and autonomous.   

July 5, 2019



We are happy to announce consideration of using MAGMENT material (magnetizable concrete MC40) in the first Hyperloop project in Europe.  

The MC40 increases inductance of embedded track coils to lowers critical speed, with its high strength and robustness replaces ferrite tiles which create significantly savings in infrastructure costs and it is perfectly integrable into the track support structure.

One prominent example for the potential use of MC40 in hyperloop test projects is the conversion of the Transrapid track in Northern Germany as proposed by Universities in Emden/Leer and Oldenburg.

News Hyperloop 1.png
Magment Hyperloop 1.png

The MC40 is already mass produced and ready to be delivered from stock.  

2nd July 2019



We are proud to announce that MAGMENT team is ready to grow.

We are hiring in the following areas in Munich, Washington or working from home office (full positions senior/junior & internships):

- Engineering: power electronics hardware & software

- Engineering: micro-controllers & sensors

- Engineering: software (C, C++, C#, Java, Python)

- Engineering: CAD, Simulations and mechatronics

- Business Development

- Product Management & Marketing

- Sales & Projects Reps - Supply Chain Management: purchasing and logistics

- Office Manager - Financial Accounting - Lab assistance, prototyping

We are hiring.png

Do you have questions about MAGMENT as an employer, have questions about our career opportunities or you would like to send us and unsolicited application? Then contact our HR department.

Contact us by phone +49 (89) 6328 6064 or you can also contact our HR department by e-mail:

28 June 2019, Unterhaching/Munich, Germany


MAGMENT Announces MAGDOCK®: New Wireless Charging and Docking Station for Electric Scooters

We are officially announcing new universal wireless charging and docking station for e-scooters - MAGDOCK® product for e-scooter-sharing providers and individual users.

Magment chief executive officer, Mauricio Esguerra, has unveiled universal wireless charging and docking station for e-scooters, named MADOCK®, aimed to bring e-scooter-sharing business to the next level.

“Electric scooter charging culture is out of control and this chaos can only be mitigated with inductive charging docking stations. E-scooter hunting chaos will stop with MAGDOCK®, they will be properly docket and every moment ready-to-drive with fully charged battery which will increase revenue for providers and provide better service to customers. " said Magment CEO Mauricio Esguerra.

“The e-scooter-sharing market is huge but disordered and not yet profitable. The biggest costs today arise from operations and charging 48,6%. Magment team has developed the new business model and algorithm based on MAGDOCK® that will significantly cut the charging costs up to 60%." said Magment Business Development Manager Miroslav Tesic.

The MAGDOCK® will come in two models: super-fast charger MAGDOCK® 250SFC and normal speed charger MAGDOCK® 35NC.

2019_06_19 - MAG-DOCK - V2.png

Early bird sale starts 15th July 2019 and ends 15th August, early bird orders are expected to be delivered in October 2019 and serial orders are expected be delivered in March 2020.

19 June 2019, Unterhaching/Munich, Germany

MAGMENT Marketing Team

Patentan un cemento capaz de crear campos magnéticos y recargar coches eléctricos en movimiento


En los últimos años hemos visto varias iniciativas para lograr recargar las baterías de coches eléctricos y otros vehículos en movimiento. Algo con un gran potencial ya que permite ampliar la autonomía sin necesidad de contar con grandes baterías. El principal problema es que estos sistemas suelen ser bastante caros, y además cuentan con un fuerte impacto visual. Catenarias, o carriles en el asfalto que además suponen tener que modificar en algunos casos físicamente la carretera. Algo que puede resultar peligroso por ejemplo para las motos o los ciclistas.

Magnetic cement enables dynamic wireless charging


Bavaria’s startup Magment has patented a new material with the properties of cement that at the same time can create a magnetic field in order to enable both static and dynamic charging of electric vehicles. First projects are underway.

Magment strebt induktives Laden während der Fahrt an


Ein interessantes Konzept zum induktiven Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen während der Fahrt präsentiert die in Unterhaching bei München ansässige Firma Magment mit ihrer gleichnamigen patentierten Materialtechnologie.



缩短交期和电感组件的配置时间是各商家提高其产品竞争力非常重要的一个环节。太阳能逆变器的主要元件包括电抗器和由金属磁粉芯 / 铁氧体磁芯 / 非晶金属磁粉芯制成的线型逆变器。越来越高的功率等级和开关频率对电感产品的选择和可用性方面也提出了更高的要求

Magnetizable Concrete Paves The Way For EV Charging And Low-Cost Power Magnetics


MAGMENT magnetizable concrete materials—either cement- or asphalt-based—are a patented technology displaying the mechanical properties of conventional concretes due to the embedding of ferrite particles used as magnetic aggregates. These ferrite particles are obtained from recycled material from the ferrite industry and from the rapidly growing amount of electronic waste. It is worth noting that, unlike lithium, all chemical elements needed to produce this material (iron, manganese, zinc, calcium and aluminum) belong to the most abundant metals on Earth.

Magnetic concrete could make wireless EV charging affordable


With a material that is rather unusual in electrical engineering, start-up company Magment plans to revolutionize the inductive charging of electric vehicles: Magnetizable concrete. Above all, this would make automatic charging by means of coils in the roadway affordable. The technology is already being tested in several research projects.







China plant Solar-Autobahn mit integrierter Ladelösung


China will bis 2022 in der Provinz Zhejiang einen 161 Kilometer langen, sechsspurigen Solar-Highway mit Technik für autonomes Fahren und Lademöglichkeiten für Elektroautos errichten. Künftig sollen E-Autos dort auch während der Fahrt induktiv geladen werden können.

Fertig gestellt werden soll der „intelligente“ Autobahnabschnitt zwischen den beiden Städten Hangzhou und Ningbo vor den 2022 in Hangzhou stattfindenden Panasiatischen Spielen, einem Sportwettbewerb asiatischer Staaten mit olympischem Charakter.

发言丨Mauricio Esguerra :太阳能驱动的动态无线充电技术