5 Wireless Charging Myths Exploded By WiTricity CEO


January 28th, 2018 by Steve Hanley

Alex Gruzen, the CEO of WiTricity, is as passionate about wireless charging as Elon Musk is about electric cars. From his point of view, the two go together like cake and ice cream. (Editor’s note: Mmm, cake and ice cream.) Just as there are people who don’t understand electric cars, there are people who don’t understand wireless charging. They think it’s slow, inefficient, and possibly dangerous. Recently, Gruzen agreed to talk with CleanTechnicaabout those myths and misconceptions in the hopes that some “straight from the shoulder” information would change the minds of those who doubt wireless charging is for real.

Gruzen began by saying, “With countries like France, India, and China planning to ban the internal combustion engine in the foreseeable future, and more and more automakers like Volvo and GM committing to broad selections of electric vehicles, the time when electric vehicles go mainstream is near at hand.

“But with Tesla and Toyota Prius as their main frame of reference, most Americans don’t fully understand how electric cars can enhance their daily lives. They are concerned about how driving an EV will alter their ownership experience, especially when it comes to keeping the battery in their car charged.

“Just as WiFi freed our computers from the need to be connected to an internet cable and Bluetooth freed our headphones from our cell phones, wireless charging will free our EVs from the process of plugging the car in. Breaking old habits and creating new ones is often a source of anxiety. Learning to live with an electric car and learning new charging protocols at the same time could be a drag on EV adoption.


“Wireless power has the potential to dramatically shape the future of electric mobility and it is happening sooner than most people imagine. In fact, the first EV built with wireless charging as standard equipment will hit the market this year.”

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